About Us

About the India Beckons magazine

India Beckons is a digital travel magazine with a focus on travel, food, culture, heritage, festivals and communities. Our articles are contributed by various writers, bloggers, travel and food enthusiasts and we have five blogger sections: travel bloggers, photobloggers, food bloggers, culture bloggers and lifestyle bloggers. This magazine is written for frequent travellers, food enthusiasts, and people interested in learning more about different cultures and heritage. The magazine has a strong focus on the culture and traditions of people as seen through various lenses and, as a result, would be of interest to a general audience as well. We have an experiences section that describes a variety of experiences from adventure travel to jungle safaris, jewellery and saree shopping in India, festivals of India, festivals of the world, beach vacations, family travel and so on; it is our endeavour to keep readers engaged with our novel and interesting blogs. If you enjoy reading our blogs and are inspired by them to travel to new destinations, please leave a comment for the blogger.

Also, if you would like to contribute articles for our magazine, and are interested in documenting your travels in a blog, please contact us at marketing@whatsthebestword.net. We would love to hear from you.

About the Founding Editor and Director


Arunima Hoskote, Founder, Director and Editor-in-chief   

Arunima Hoskote is a writing and editing professional with over 20 years of experience. She is the founding editor of this magazine. She loves to travel and always wanted to launch a travel portal cum magazine for international and Indian travellers with a focus on food, culture, and history of India and other countries. She is an alumna of Cambridge University and Mumbai University. She also runs a content writing and editing firm called What’s The Best Word, loves to blog on food and travel and occasionally writes on spiritual travel in India. She also composes poetry; recently, some of her poems were published in the well-known literary journal called Muse India.

“Although we would like to invite sponsorships to make this an economical venture, this magazine is a passion for me and not a strict business. Passion for travel, passion for culture, passion fro saving our heritage. I am keen that more and more travel writers with a wide perspective on different cultures join the blogging team and make this a culturally rich magazine” – Arunima Hoskote

For the readers: If you have enjoyed reading the articles in the magazine and would like to contribute towards a good cause, please click on the following link and leave a small donation for a cause the founder is supporting at the moment: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/helpingagoodcause