5 face yoga exercises for anti-ageing benefits

Want to look forever young? Try facial yoga

It is rightly said that a healthy mind and soul can only reside in a healthy body. If a person remains healthy only then s/he shall be able to work more actively and cultivate good thoughts. This can be achieved through yoga. Yoga is a science of right living and it works when integrated into our daily lives. Yoga impacts the physical, mental, emotional, psychic, and spiritual side of a person. Yoga promotes better health and concentration of the mind by reducing pain and stress. The positive radiance of your face will make you look young and add to your charisma.

Though cosmetic products are on the rise, nothing can beat the benefits provided through facial yoga. Facial yoga has excellent anti-aging properties and practicing it every day can make you look younger and more energetic.

Benefits of facial yoga exercises
The change in our facial expressions, such as instances when we smile or furrow our brow, leads to the deepening of wrinkles on our face, and with age, these wrinkles become prominent. Facial yoga relaxes the muscles around these areas and improves blood and oxygen circulation. It gives a boost to the collagen production in the face, thus the wrinkles start fading away. With repeated practice of these exercises, you will notice that the blemishes and scars will lighten and the texture of the face will become smooth.

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