Cambridge punting – a pleasure to cherish

The world-famous King's college, Cambridge, as seen from the punt

Cambridge is this exquisite university city 50 miles north of London, which BECKONS some of the brightest minds from all over the world. It is a historic city, renowned for its grand architecture, picturesque green spaces, world-famous colleges, and the beautiful river Cam, a punting ride on which takes one on a journey of exploration – of the history of its colleges and some of the famous men and women who taught here.

Nature at its best – by the Cam riverside

And what better way to explore the backs of the famous colleges (as I did a few days ago) than lounging on a flat-bottomed punt, enjoying the dual bouts of sunshine and drizzle, and listening to our chauffeur Sam recounting tales (and sometimes humorous folklore) of their extraordinary past?

Pictures of the riverside taken from the punt

Punting is one of the most quintessentially Cambridge things to do, for no voyage of the city is complete without taking a chauffeured punt on river Cam. Cambridge Blue Punting offers terrific 45-minute chauffeured punts on the river (starting at Quayside), taking you through the charming ‘Backs’ of the seven famous colleges of Cambridge. I took a group punt with them recently.

Punts moored at the Quayside – look out for the red umbrella of the Cambridge Blue Punting
The Mathematical Bridge on river Cam that connects two parts of Queens college
The Bridge of Sighs, which some say was named after the Venice Bridge of Sighs

Sam, our chauffeur, took us through some of the most famous landmarks of this historic city, including the King’s College (a living marvel of Cambridge architecture), Trinity College, the Bridge of Sighs, the Mathematical Bridge, the Wren Library,  and so on – all the while, we were lolling in the comfortable seats of our punt, swaying our heads to look at the immense sky and enjoying the sun playing truant, listening to the river softly gurgling and the ducks quacking, and simply absorbing the sheer verdant beauty of the riverside.

The famous St John’s College, Cambridge, as seen from the punt
The famous Wren Library at Trinity College, Cambridge

Interestingly, punting has a history of 200 years – that’s how long people have been punting on river Cam for. On an average day, the Quayside, from where the punts start, is flocking with students and tourists looking to get a taste of this popular Cambridge pastime. The riverside is dotted with the most marvelous vistas – stuff picture postcards are made of.

If you are looking to punt in Cambridge and soak up the amazingly tranquil atmosphere of the Backs, click on Cambridge Blue Punting or call +44 7598 925 243 to book. Enjoy this experience of a lifetime – it promises to have you coming back for more.


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