Explore the many wonders of Antarctica

An exploration of the South Pole - Antarctica

Going on a trip to Antarctica has never been easier. An increasing number of tourist ships are serving the frozen continent each year, providing travellers with opportunities to see the glassy world of the last wilderness. You can go on a cruise to the continent to get a close look at the many wonders it holds. There is no place quite like Antarctica on Earth. You will love exploring this vast white wilderness and discovering its unique landscapes and seascapes.

Go on a historic Antarctica trip
As you pass Antarctica’s shores, you will see the names of explorers and their benefactors and sovereigns. World-famous explorers from Cook to Scott and Amundsen all attempted to penetrate this vast, mysterious continent – each succeeding to varying degrees. You can travel to this stunning place to follow in their footsteps and imagine what it was like to haul sledges across the polar plateau or forge through the thick ice in creaking wooden boats. You can actually see some of the remaining historic huts, preserved in ice, to tell the tale of historic adventures.

A large group of penguins having fun on the snowy hills of Antarctica

Discover the wildlife in Antarctica
As you make your way through the continent, you will find life unlike any seen elsewhere in the world. Preserved by the Antarctic Treaty, this stunning wilderness is home to some of the most extraordinary species in the world. Some, like the gigantic whales, migrate from far-off places, while others, including the emperor penguin and the Weddell seal, remain close to Antarctica.

You can find millions of seabirds skimming the Southern Ocean, the most abundant in the world. Species such as petrels and albatrosses circle the waters. Not surprisingly, the wildlife in Antarctica is generally unafraid of humans. Don’t be surprised if you don’t elicit more than an uninterested yawn from penguins and seals that are more focused on their young!

Tourists arriving in Antarctica

Adventure in the white wilderness
There are many places to visit when you are in Antarctica, including King George Island, Deception Island, Elephant Island, and South Shetland Islands. These are some of the most popular destinations and you can explore them to see penguins, earless seal, volcanoes, cetaceans, hot springs and more. If you are on a cruise, you will likely visit Port Lockroy, a museum that was formerly a British research station.

If you are an adventurous soul, Antarctica’s surreal remoteness, enormous mountain ranges and ice shelves, challenge you to fully embrace life. Whether by sea or flight, everyone – from government officials, scientists and support workers to tourists – who visit this isolated continent need to earn it. The timetable and itinerary of all travel here are determined by weather and ice, not calendars and clocks. Bear in mind that you might have to abandon planned stops due to ice and wind conditions.

When you travel to Antarctica, you have to be willing to go with the flow and keep in mind that you may not see everything you have your heart set on. The good news is that you will still be able to witness unbelievable magic. Plus, it is possible to kayak icy waters and climb Antarctic peaks! But, nothing quite beats witnessing the sheer expanse of the polar ice cap or a magnificent glacier’s craggy crevasses. There may be many surprises and unexpected changes when you visit Antarctica but you can be sure that you’ll have an adventure unlike any other.

There’s an unnamable quality that Antarctica possesses. No matter what you call it, it is the indescribable feeling of being a tiny speck in a land that is both vast and harshly beautiful. You are guaranteed an unforgettable experience in a destination that is nearly free of humankind’s imprint.


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