Famous dohas (verses) of Sant Tulsidas

Sant Tulsidas is a revered Indian saint who wrote in Awadhi language; we have reproduced some of his famous verses here

These beautiful verses from Sant Tulsidas help you live a better life, a more meaningful life, and a fuller life. Faith in God helps one through any adverse situations and faith has the power to change any situation in your favour. These timeless and valuable verses from Sant Tulsidas, who wrote in the local Awadhi language, shed light on some simple ways to lead a beautiful, uncomplicated, and devout life.

काम क्रोध मद लोभ की, जौ लौं मन में खान। तौ लौं पण्डित मूरखौं, तुलसी एक समान।।
Meaning: Under the influence of lust, anger, false ego, and greed, even an educated and sensible person is liable to behave like an uneducated person. So one should stay away from such vices.

तुलसी मीठे बचन ते सुख उपजत चहुं ओर । बसीकरन इक मंत्र है परिहरू बचन कठोर।।
Meaning: Tulsidas ji says, sweet and polite words can win people’s hearts; sweet words and politeness act as magnets to win people over. Therefore, one should give up harsh speech.

दया धर्म का मूल है पाप मूल अभिमान। तुलसी दया न छांड़िए, जब लग घट में प्राण।।
Meaning: Sant Tulsidas says that compassion is the root of religion while false ego and pride are the root of evil and sin, which prevent man from using his discretion wisely.

तुलसी साथी विपत्ति के, विद्या विनय विवेक। साहस सुकृति सुसत्यव्रत, राम भरोसे एक।।
Meaning: Seven virtues that are your best friends when going through a bad time, and which help you face any situation are education, humility, discretion, inner strength, good deeds, honesty, and your faith in Lord Ram.

तुलसी भरोसे राम के, निर्भय हो के सोए। अनहोनी होनी नही, होनी हो सो होए।।
Meaning: Sant Tulsidas says to believe in Lord Ram and sleep peacefully without any fears because your faith in God will protect you from any harm. Whatever has to happen will happen so worry and fear are pointless – instead focus on God’s name and good deeds, which will keep evil and harm at bay.


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