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A trip to Thailand is one that stays in your heart, mind, and soul for all the days to come and the breathtaking natural beauty is just one of the factors that contribute to the overwhelming travel experience that the country offers to you. Experiences – that is what this beautiful country is all about. Elephant riding, bamboo rafting, out-of-the-world cuisines and amazing wildlife experiences ensure that a Thailand getaway is not just another run-of-the-mill vacation plan. Here we bring to you some of the must-have Thai experiences that fill your albums and enrich your souls.

Elephant Riding in Pattaya

The majestic elephants are well cared for in Thailand making the adventure tourism aspect of elephant riding totally ethical. Your conscience can ease while you make the most of this delightful experience. Accompanied by one of the caretakers, this safari walks you through the natural wander areas of these elephants, letting them stop for a drink of water, making for a totally thrilling and authentic experience for you and your families. The riding experience is peaceful and thrilling at the same time – a must try for anyone wishing to get to know the natural aspects of Thailand. The elephants tread along a path that is very well known to them, so you do not have to worry one bit about getting lost anywhere or about your safety.

Bamboo Rafting, Chiang Mai

Ideal for a group of 4-5 people, this is a countryside experience that you will definitely relish when you are forced to go back into the ruts of the city life. These bamboo rafts transport about four people at a time. There are provisions for self-steering, if you are brave enough and confident enough to go ahead with that. The sturdy bamboo rafts are put together using bamboo sticks held firmly and strongly using strips of rubber as well – so once again, this experience is as safe as it is going to be fun. Float away in the water while taking in the beautiful greenery offered by the trees around and the plenty of grass popping up wildly to say hello. The whole journey has a cool-me-down effect, which puts a temporary pause to the tropical heat of Thailand. If you have chosen to manoeuvre the raft yourself, expect some tricky twists and bends that enhance the adventure bit of this experience which can be surmised as fun, thrilling, and relaxing.

The Khao Kheow Open Zoo in Si Racha

This is the best spot you could be at on a family vacation with your kids. Get ready for an educational tour disguised as a fun day out – well, for the kids and you! The wildlife reserve comprises a beautiful forest that is mostly evergreen, meaning there is no time of the year during which your visit here won’t be filled with the lush greenery that this place offers in abundance. Home to every child’s favourite animals including deers, civets, squirrels, boars, reptiles, and fishes, for your children, this experience is not short of their textbooks coming alive in the most enjoyable way. Spend the day here, walking about or hiring a golf cart to take you about – this place is too huge to cover on feet unless you’re a power walker. The real fun begins at night, in what is called the night safari. The night safari here is famous for several nocturnal creatures that step out of their lair and wander around doing their thing while you and your family, confined to the safety of your vehicles, watch them in their habitats without disturbing them in any way.

The street food in Bangkok

Saved for the last because this is probably the best of all the experiences – the street food dining experience in Bangkok will definitely take you places, leave you confused and delighted, make you wonder why you haven’t been gulping down Asian cuisine all this while. Now comes the question of where exactly you can find the best street food in Thailand. Look no more – the Chatuchak Weekend Market has got you covered.

As soon as you enter the market through the main gates, your eyes fall on the colourful and tempting food stalls serving some of the wildest foods you have imagined. Why don’t you start with the coconut ice cream stall? This is among the most popular desserts in Bangkok owing to the tropical weather and the abundance of coconuts in the country. Apart from this, you will find delicious yet experimental Fried Squid (not exactly Calamari). In fact, there are stalls dedicated to just fried things – eggs, squid tentacles, chicken.

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  1. Actually, Thailand has a very poor record of elephant care. Please do more research on this. Promoting elephant rides is not only in bad taste but it undermines the tireless efforts of activists working to curb the practice. There are many other activities tourists can do in Thailand. Elephant rides should certainly not be one of them.

  2. Thanks for the pointers to different places to visit in Thailand. Really helpful. Regarding elephant care, I think India has a lot more to do in this space as well. Responsible tourism would be to do a check before going for one and has nothing to do with suggestions. My opinion of course, one May differ.


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