Recipe for a good weekend: IPL, South Mumbai’s Bentley Hotel

Indian Premier League at Wankhede (image courtesy:

It’s the Indian Premier League (IPL) season, and I caught one of the first matches kicking off the season at Wankhede Stadium yesterday between Mumbai Indians (MI) and Delhi Capitals (DC). It was a great match – quite enjoyable and exciting as the whole stadium was reverberating with calls, whistles, loud music, loud roars, and hooting – the sort of noise one can enjoy once in a way if it is IPL. Also, an unchangeable fact of entertainment (in sports as well as any other event) is that Bollywood reigns supreme – with each milestone in the stadium being interjected with some song from a movie or the other.

There was great enthusiasm and excitement among the fans of Mumbai Indians, who were playing on home ground. But, much to the disappointment of those rooting for the home team, Delhi Capitals ‘smashed’ (as is a term used in cricket lingo) the living daylights out of the Mumbai Indians team, which seemed to be (figuratively speaking) on a sticky wicket yesterday! They chose to bowl first after losing the toss but DC got off to a good start. There were loud uproars in the stadium as DC kept hitting sixes and fours, with the unstoppable Rishabh Pant, who was clearly the star of the day, rightfully claiming the limelight with a score of 78 off 27 balls (not out).

Since the match was to get over late, I had checked into the Bentley Hotel, which after a very comfortable stay, I would say is immense value for money and the perfect accommodation for the budget traveller looking for the right blend of comfort and luxury. Although I had booked their standard Delux room, the hotel staff at the reception was kind enough to upgrade my room (for a small charge) to a suite, and so all in all, it turned out to be a great proposition.

Although housed in one of those old nondescript buildings in South Mumbai (you could completely miss it from outside), the hotel from inside is quite swanky (with beautiful decor and rooms done up tastefully with photographs and paintings) and provides a very comfortable stay at reasonable rates.

Bentley Hotel at Churchgate: style and comfort in good price

The suite I stayed in, called the Manchester Suite, was a spacious room with a huge, comfortable bed, LED, sofa chair, chairs and table, dresser, wardrobe with locker, an ensuite bathroom with shower, air conditioning, refrigerator, wifi, kettle and tea and coffee – and they served excellent Indian breakfast in the morning as well (included in the room price). Also, the hotel is quite considerate in keeping a foot massager and back massager for those looking for a bit of relaxation.

I found it great value for money and although I had checked quite a few websites before booking in, I realized on arriving that I was very pleasantly surprised by the warm hospitality of the staff. This place is great for the price it comes at and certainly very bookable for weekends or short stays (compared to other premium hotels in that area charging three times the price for a night, this certainly gets a thumbs up as a modern, premium hotel for the budget traveller).

Image and video courtesy: Mrs Arunima Takiar


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