Bali – the ultimate honeymoon destination

Bali for honeymooners

When you think of Bali, the top things that strike your mind are the wonderful, crystal clear beaches and turquoise waters. But that is not all Bali has to offer. The diverse culture, spirituality and Bohemian lifestyle are worth experiencing in the island that’s known as the best destination for year-round surfing.

Long romantic strolls on the beaches in Bali

The city has many activities and welcomes people from all walks of life. Whether you are an adventure seeker, spiritual-minded person or looking for some relaxation, Bali will serve all your purposes and how! One of the most beautiful aspects of Bali is romance; people in love choose to visit Bali over other destinations and, by the end of this article, you will know why. Here is a list of not just 2, 3, 5…but 10 activities every honeymooner must indulge in for creating the best time of their lives.

Angel’s Billabong at Nusa Penida

A marvelous natural infinity pool that’s very comfortable to walk along holding hands. Ever thought of that? Indeed, a very romantic place. Don’t forget to carry a towel and an extra pair of clothes and make sure you visit only during the low tide.

Karma Beach

A hidden beach that can be accessed only by a funicular ride down the cliff and one that is labeled the best beach by many. You can soak up in seawater and have a good sunbath here. Bathrooms and changing rooms are also available. Next, you can chill, eat, and dance to the great music being played at one of the bars around. And, if you plan to be here on a Monday, you will also be treated to an open screen free movie!

Bali – Karma beach

Take a romantic stroll at Denpasar

They say nothing is difficult for two people in love. Visit the most inhabited Denpasar area, which is rarely visited. Pull up your socks and take the road less traveled with your other half to spend the best moments away from the world. It surely is worth traveling to.

Desa Belok- a sea of gold

A place flooded with marigolds, rice, and incense…perfect location to express your love to your partner. You can sing a song, lie down in the fields, or even aimlessly walk holding hands for hours. The fragrance of the soil and the colorful flowers in the background will make the perfect Bollywood moment. The place is bound to get you clicking innumerable pictures and will eventually give you the perfect frame for your favorite wall.

Dine in a cave. Because dining at a restaurant is too mainstream.

Did I read it right, you think? Yes, I say. A romantic well-deserved fine dining…your romantic date at a secluded private beach in Nusa Dua cannot get any more special. Feel mesmerized watching the sunset over the ocean and enjoy the five-course set menu while you relax to the sound waves breaking on the shore. What’s more? Have your personal chef and staff waiting to serve you and make the moments the most memorable ones.

Pod chocolate factory

Take a dip in chocolate at Pod chocolate factory

Make different shaped chocolates and taste the raw roasted cacao beans while at it. Meet Pod’s very own really adorable bear that gives free hugs. No, unfortunately, you can’t take him home.

Kamuela Villa at Seminyak

All Kamuela Villas come with a private pool. Yes, that’s true! Take a dip, enjoy a massage by the pool, open the champagnes and set a nice romantic dinner surprise with flowers and candles around the pool. Enjoy the 24-hour room service, cool climate control settings, Jacuzzi tubs and enjoy the complete privacy. You can even host your own barbecue party here.

Kamuela Villas at Seminyak

Secret paradise called Bukit Asah Bugbug at Karangasem

With a combination of Indian ocean and valley view, this secret paradise makes you experience the most romantic panoramic view. Relax, taking in the beauty and spend some special time with your partner feeling loved. Do not miss the perfect sunrise that usually takes place at 6 am on this mountain.

Natural jacuzzis at Tegal Wangi beach

Get hold of the right tide and you get to dip in the natural jacuzzis formed at Tegal Wangi. A beach that is famous for a photo shoot, especially the lovey-dovey kind, will make you believe love is in the air. This getaway is less crowded in comparison to other beaches and lets you have some romantic time with your partner.

Treetop Adventure Park

Unlimited thrill at Bali Treetop Adventure Park

Romance is not just in having a luxury dinner or spending hours talking to each other. It can also be in thrilling activities. Find your playground in this largest beautiful botanical garden of Indonesia at the Bali Treetop Park that’s located within the Kebun Raya Eka Karya garden. An adventure park best suited for your adrenaline rush.

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