Come, celebrate the festivals of Jaipur

People and elephants of the city are celebrating the Gangaur Festival - one of the most important festivals of Jaipur, Rajasthan

Jaipur usually tops the list of best places to visit in Rajasthan, and for good reason. The Pink City is colourful, historic, packed with culture, and BECKONS travellers from all parts of the world. But while most people travel to take in iconic sites like Amer Fort and Hawa Mahal, it’s the festivals that showcase the people and their rich heritage. The next time you decide to holiday in Rajasthan’s capital, make sure to catch some of these top events.

Jaipur Kite Festival marks the Makar Sankranti festival

Kite Festival during Makar Sankranti

There is something about kites gliding through the sky that just fills you with childlike delight. Jaipur plays host to the Kite Festival around the festival of Makar Sankranti, where you can see kites of different colours and shapes fighting to steal the show. Competitors vie for the prize at the Kite War and display their creations at the Friendly Kite Flying session at Jaipur Polo Ground. Makar Sankranti is one of the first major festivals of every New Year in India, a festival that is widely-celebrated all over the country and marks the ‘kite flying day’ across many Indian cities, Jaipur being one of them.

Date of the festival: 14th January 2019

Jaipur Literature Festival

The Jaipur Literature Festival was founded in 2006. Since then, it has drawn litterateurs and book-lovers alike. The event is free. Past speakers have included renowned writers like Orhan Pamuk and JM Coetzee. Celebrities such as Stephen Fry and Oprah Winfrey have also attended.

Dates to attend the festival: 24th January to 28th January 2019

The Jaipur Literature Festival – an attraction for litterateurs from all over the world (Image courtesy:

Jaipur International Jazz & Blues Festival

Come 2019 and Jaipur will host the first proper jazz and blues festival. The event is set to take place in Central Park, the capital’s largest park. If you love jazz, this is one show you should not allow yourself to miss!

Dates to attend the festival: 8th March to 10th March 2019.

Rajasthan Festival

Three days of pure fun and entertainment await at Rajasthan Festival when the state celebrates its foundation day. It is perfect for families as there is something for everyone. Concerts, film festivals, musical nights – it is a terrific way to appreciate the vibrancy of this fabulous state.

Date to attend the festival: 30th March 2019

Gangaur Festival

Gangaur is mainly a women-centric festival celebrated in Rajasthan and a few other parts of the country. It is dedicated to Devi Gauri (Ma Parvati). It begins on the day after Holi and continues for 18 days. Married women seek blessings for marital bliss while unmarried women pray for good husbands. Like many of the festivals in Jaipur, it is vibrant and full of gaiety. Some of the sights to see include musical performances, street acts, womenfolk singing songs, and processions.

Dates of the festival: Gangaur will be held from 21st March to 8th April in 2019

The Teej Festival celebrated in Jaipur and other parts of India (Image courtesy:

Teej Festival

Teej is one of the biggest festivals here. It is as colourful as you can imagine and the air is filled with songs. The festival is held at monsoon’s arrival and is dedicated to Ma Parvati and her union with her consort, Lord Shiva. Processions and dances by women decked up in traditional finery are a few highlights of the event.

Dates of the festival: Teej is held in the Hindu month of Shravan. It will likely be held on the 3rd and 4th of August in 2019

Jaipur is a dream to visit with its numerous attractions and rich culture. Though history is undoubtedly one of its biggest allures, its contemporariness is just as interesting. From the jazz & blues festival to the literature festival and more, your Jaipur holiday just got a little more exciting!


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