Countdown to IWD: Celebrating beauty, courage, confidence, and strength in the woman of substance 

Happy International Women's Day on 8th March

Women have been a true definition of beauty, as they hold in themselves, the perfect mixture of courage, confidence, adaptability, and strength at the same time. Over the past few years, women have depicted their skills and intelligence in more than one appreciable way. From females like Mother Teresa to Rani Laxmi Bai, women have come a long way to the road of success and respect. However, there remains a large group of women, which still needs recognition, and their rights to live as and how they want to live.

International Women’s Day
8th March is annually celebrated as the International Women’s Day, which carries the baton forward for women to have an equal and enabled world. This day marks the celebration of all the cultural, social, economic and political victories of women.  IWD, also aims at removing all gender parities from the world, to have an impactful and equally respectable environment for both, men and women. Talking about the representation of women, it must be disclosed that IWD symbolizes women through “purple” and “white” colour.

The day stands for immense unity, justice and dignity in support of females. The tradition of celebrating IWD has been practising for over a century with great enthusiasm. Every year, the theme of IWD is decided and changed according to the need of the hour that respects all global concerns.

Theme for 2020
The theme of International Women’s Day, 2020 is “I am Generation Equality, Realizing Women’s Rights”, represented by #EachforEqual campaign that runs throughout the year and doesn’t end on the final day in March. The masses that support this theme preach about the actions and thoughts of individuals and how they are totally in control of themselves. It is through our actions and thoughts that we can create a gender-equal and a generation equal world.

Over the years, there has been a significant shift in the ideologies that perceive the actions and thoughts over and about women in different ways. While the younger generation may feel that actions are taking place in favour of women, the women belonging to the late ages realize the struggle and efforts put in for achieving the current freedom and acceptance.  Even though there are reservations for women in each sector of society, there remains a thin line of discrimination between men and women that needs to be broken.

Women may have job opportunities today, but the amount of income in comparison to men remains less even if it is for the same work that men are doing. It is, therefore, important for each one of us to realize the importance of International Women’s Day, and how impactful and beneficial it can be to the society, by breaking such norms and practices, and treating women equally. It is, therefore, rightly said that in order to bring about a change globally, we need to act locally. It is time for patriarchal dominance to end, and the generation where men and women are equal shall live through.

Make the IWD an important day in your life, stay young at heart, be happy

Make it an important day in your life
Don’t hold yourself back from celebrating You on this special day, dedicated to women. Women are known for committing sacrifices, making intelligent decisions and handling familial issues in the best ways possible. From being daddy’s little angels to becoming strong and bold women who know how to fight for their rights, women have always proved their worth in a commendable manner. Without any bias, the fact that women can do multi-tasking, without attaching any sort of complaints to it, the statement has been globally and publicly accepted. Even though we should appreciate women every day for their contributions, IWD is a special day and a soft gesture towards women to bid them thank you and to give them their well-deserved respect through small gifts and flowers offered by men and children.

Whether or not, you receive any gestures from people around you, it is important for you to give all the love and attention to yourself.  Here are some of the ways, you can make your day truly memorable and special:

  • Pamper your taste buds! If you have been conscious of eating and working out really hard lately, take it easy and just eat whatever you like without any guilt whatsoever!
  • Be with your tribe! Having to do a lot at work and home, women usually forget to socialize with their besties! Celebrate women’s day collectively with your girl-friends – eat out, shop, and have fun together!
  • Buy something luxurious for yourself – A Ralph Lauren perfume, a high-end cosmetic line, or Steve Madden shoes will surely pamper you to the core!
  • See a therapist! – Gift yourself a psychological therapy session to meet the freer you! There is nothing like talking about your issues to someone in a non-judgemental set-up. Just talk about your life and see the change in your mental and emotional health!

It is time to bring about a change and create a generation equal atmosphere to break the boundaries in order to live a healthy and competitive life. International Women’s Day is celebrated as a gusseted holiday in many parts of the world. IWD is not a movement or practice that has been forced upon the generations, but it is an act of kindness that holds immense importance in the lives of men and women both.

You can make this world a better place to live in by supporting such celebrations and raising issues that benefit the health and atmosphere of the world. Over the years, the situation and status of women have improved drastically, but it still needs a positive revolution that can bring men and women on the same level. Thus, the future of the world lies equally in the hands of women, as it does in the hands of men.


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