Ganesha stories for your little ones

Lord Ganesha's stories are the most endearing to children

Stories of Lord Ganesha for the little ones
Lord Ganesha is the favorite God of all children. Bal Ganesh – with his unique elephant head, a long trunk, potbelly, and four arms has so many interesting stories about him in Indian mythology. So children, are you ready to tuck yourself up in the comfort of your bed and be all ears to these amazing stories of Lord Ganesha? Let the fun begin!

We bring to you five endearing stories of Lord Ganesha:

1. Lord Ganesha and Kuber
Kuber, the God of Wealth, was known to be very proud of his riches. He often conducted grand feasts to show off his wealth. On one such occasion, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati were also invited. As they could not attend the feast, they sent their son Lord Ganesha to the function.

Known for his appetite, Ganesha started devouring the meals even before the feast had begun. He consumed all the food prepared for the guests. Even when that could not satisfy him, he started eating the vessels, the expensive furniture, and even consumed the host of the dinner. This scared Kubera and he rushed to Kailash. The conversation between Kubera and Shiva unfolded thus:

Kubera: O Lord Shiva! Please do something to satiate Ganesha otherwise he will consume me too.
Shiva then passed a cup of roasted cereals to Ganesha and, within seconds, his hunger was satisfied.

Lord Shiva: Kuber, you must have released your folly now. You should never be proud of your riches. Rather, you must use it to help others in need.

Kuber, having learned his lesson, apologized to Lord Shiva for his haughtiness.

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