Heirloom Treasures – a book review


    The breadth and depth of India’s heritage is so vast that there is always something new to seek and be inspired by. The book, Heirloom Treasures: The Cultural Tapestry of India, is an attempt to inform the reader about a number of aspects that we have always associated with India but unfortunately did not know much about. Handlooms, monuments, festivals, art forms, history, food…you name it, and the book has it.

    The book is a compilation of the finest articles published on the India Beckons website and some exclusive ones that have not featured on the website. Each of these articles takes you on a mini-journey into a nook of the country. The book is not just a compilation of information. The articles are written with a sense of child-like wonder and joy which catches on to the reader. A number of the articles are, in fact, lived experiences and observations from close counters.

    Whether you are a citizen of the country, a traveler who has fallen in love with the country or if travelling to India has been on your wish list, this book will be an eye-opener for you and enrich your perspective of the bouquet of heritage that India is. The book makes for an ideal gift for any inquisitive youngster who is just beginning to get acquainted with the various aspects of culture and serves very well as a coffee table book that one can read at one’s own pace, discovering a new piece everyday.

    Another interesting feature of the book is that it includes various parts of the country. It helps the reader by providing a strong starting point into exploring these various parts and developing familiarity and affection for these lesser known parts and their lesser known histories. The book is sure to provide enriching insights into the many cultures of India and help you understand and celebrate these aspects more deeply. As we find ourselves in times of uncertainty and curiosity about the country, this book comes as a reassuring breath of fresh air that welcomes you with open arms.

    The book can be purchased from Notion Press website. You can use the code ‘INDIANHERITAGE’ for a 10% discount on your purchase. Make sure to purchase the book while the discount is available.

    You can purchase the book by clicking on the link given below:


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