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Indian music is an ocean. It is fed by a multitude of rivers from different landscapes. With two leading schools of classical music, a vast number of folk traditions, influences from the world over and omnipresent film music, there is always a tune in the air and a hum in our breath.

Just as seven simple notes come together to create infinite new tunes, young artists are coming together to create and recreate music that makes this ocean much more interesting to dive into.

Today, we bring to you 5 YouTube channels that recreate some of the most popular and classic songs. If you need some melodious companions as you work from home or while you enjoy your tea or coffee or just help your mind relax even as you power through your chores, all you need to do is tune in and flow along.

Strumm Sound

There’s a classic dilemma that every music aficionado faces. You can’t get tired of your all-time favourites but you also want something new and refreshing. That’s where Strumm Sound hits the right note. You can listen to the good olds and all time classics packaged in new refreshing scores. Bollywood classics, Carnatic, Hindustani, instrumental – they have got it all. The sound quality and the standard of production is top-notch and every track is an absolute delight.

Coke Studio India

There’s something about watching live music performances that cannot be replicated by listening to a track of music. There’s also a magical appeal when you witness collaborations among musicians. Coke Studio made it possible to watch the joy on each of the musician’s faces as they brought their own touch to the track. It is one of the earliest channels to make collaborations available in this format and we cannot thank them enough for the mesmerising experience.

Mathrubhumi Kappa TV

This channel spins a new take on a number of South Indian tracks, popular and less known alike. Classics, folk music, fusion, indie – you name it and it is here. It features a number of independent musicians and bands who will present to you music in its most unique forms. Being on a medium like YouTube gives channels such as these a playground and the musicians make the most of it.

Music at its best

Dewar’s India

In a more relaxed and personal setting, Dewar’s India takes artists on a journey of a new collaboration in a new, inspiring location that evokes fresh stories and compositions. Over the few days of their journey together, artists take us through individual journeys as musicians and collaborate to create something that bears their identities and evolution.  Every track is unique and has its own personality.

Darbar Festival – pick the raga of your liking (Source: sky.com)

Darbar Festival

Classical music has always held a sacred space in the hearts of Indian connoisseurs of music. The Darbar Festival is the gift of Indian classical music wrapped in joyful abandon. With footage of live performances, this channel has created a collection of music that will transport you into a different universe, bringing you back only to launch you off into another raga of your liking.

Music that speaks volumes (Source: YouTube)

First Edition Arts Channel

Have you ever heard the nadaswaram and violin speak to each other in a musical raga that you may not understand but thoroughly enjoy? Head over to this channel to witness the musical conversations created by stalwarts of the arts and be mesmerised by the way breath, fingers and a touch of genius can create magical tunes that speak volumes without words. This is, of course, along with the fantastic vocal artists who match the genius with their gifted voices.

Armed with the best of the YouTube channels for Indian music, we hope that you find music in every nook and cranny of the world and that it enriches you with bliss, everyday!


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