How to make the perfect mashed potatoes

The art of making the perfect mashed potatoes is in whisking and mashing it until it gets a fluffy texture

Mashed potatoes are simple yet an exquisite addition to dinner for meeting all your carbohydrate needs. They make a decent dinner idea when you don’t feel like indulging in elaborate cooking and want a quick and light meal.

I often make a complete meal out of it when I am not up to cooking a proper three-course dinner. It can be paired with accompaniments like boiled or sauteed vegetables and soup to give you a light, fluffy and just perfect dinner.

So how do we get this delicious recipe on the table? Boil some potatoes in salted water, peel them and mash them in a pan with a potato masher. When it’s mashed completely, add butter and milk to it and whisk it further until fluffy. Those who like the more creamy and fuller texture can also add some cheese to it. Temper with salt and pepper and keep mashing throughout until they mix well into the fluffy potatoes. In a few minutes, the butter would turn a pale golden colour and you know your mashed potatoes are ready to be dug into.

If you want, you can try to saute some vegetables like carrots, broccoli and beans to go with your mashed potatoes. Also, try to make some tomato soup and toasts to go with this.

A lot of people have their own way of making mashed potatoes but whichever way you cook it, it does not require too many ingredients and makes up for a wholesome dinner meal! Remember, the art of making the perfect mashed potatoes is in the whisking and beating it with the masher until it gains a fluffy creamy texture.


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