Jamva chalo ji!

Dhansak with rice

The Parsis, which means Persians, the followers of prophet Zoroaster, migrated to India to escape religious harassment and discriminations by another community (Muslims). As they turned from refugees to residents of India, the Persian sway shrank except for the use of dry fruits and nuts in pulavs.

Salli Boti

While Iranian cooking is soupy and mildly tangy with herbs, the zests of coastal India fascinated the Parsi appetite, ensuing in a vigorous and full-bodied cuisine dominated by sour and spicy flavours.

Veg Thali

Parsi cuisine is a classic example of synthesis of western Indian cuisines while preserving a unique character. This goes back a few thousand years, much before fusion cooking became a fad among gourmands. As unique as the cuisine is the Parsis’ love for food and good eating. Open-hearted folks, their penchant for good food is deeply rooted in their warm and genial nature. They refrain from eating beef and pork keeping in mind local sentiment.

Bawa nu Bhonu meal

Parsi breakfasts are rich and heavy, with Akuri, the Parsi avatar of egg bhurji, being the favourite. All kinds of fish are used in Parsi cooking and Patra ni Machchi is a classic preparation of steaming in banana leaves. Dhansak, the most popular of Parsi dishes is handed down from the Iranian Khoreste Esfannaj, a dish cooked with meat, lentils and spinach. Lagan nu Custard has no symbolic value but is a traditional wedding dish. Much like custard but baked and topped with nuts.

Chicken Salli Thali

All those willing to try a Parsi feast should head to Dinshaw’s Xpress Café, Oshiwara throughout August!

The Parsis take their food very seriously. To kickstart this festive month, they bring the Parsi cuisine from its roots to Mumbai! This Navroze season, Dinshaw’s puts forth authentic Parsi delicacies stuffed into on thali! A Parsi Special Thali that showcases the best of Parsi gastronomy throughout August. The best part is that you can share your Thali with your partner or anyone.

Head to Dinshaw’s Xpress for a Parsi thali

Veg Thali includes delicacies like Patata Cheese Balls, Veg Dhansak, Rice, Lagan Nu Custard/Parsi Kulfi, Pallonji Drink (Raspberry/Ginger/Lemon/Masala Soda).

Chicken Thali serves options like Chicken Farcha, Chicken Dhansak/Salli Marghi (Salli Chicken) Berry Pulao/Hot Buttered Pao, Lagan Nu Custard/Parsi Kulfi, Pallonji Drink (Raspberry/Ginger/Lemon/Masala Soda),

Mutton Thali showcases varieties like Kheema Kebab, Mutton Dhansak/Salli BotiBerry Pulao/Hot Buttered Pao, Lagan Nu Custard/Parsi Kulfi, Pallonji Drink (Raspberry/Ginger/Lemon/Masala Soda)

Patra ni Machchi

Special Batliwala Thali includes specials like Kheema Kebab, Patra Ni Machchi (Ravas), Kid Ghosht, Berry Pulao.

The meal prices start from Rs. 399 for vegetarian and Rs. 599 for non-vegetarians.


What: Special Parsi Thali for Navroze
When: Monday, 13 August – Friday, 31 August 2018
Where: Dinshaw’s Xpress Café – 6, Windermere, Off Oshiwara Link Road, Andheri West.
Contact: 9004530507
Price: Rs. 399 onwards


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