Karnataka – a trip to remember


The land of surprises, where tradition meets modern, where laid back meets development and where happening meets relaxation, Karnataka is a travel destination for all ages of people – no matter what it is that you seek from your travel experience. Through some of the best of what state has to offer, let us tell you why it’s time to pack your bags.

Mysore and its marvels

The rich culture and history that this beautiful South Indian city holds is unparalleled in most aspects. The ageless monuments sit proud amongst the beautiful palaces that still seem to contain within them a sense of lingering royalty. Apart from the cultural overwhelms that you can expect in every turn of this wonderful city, the shopping experience and the food are all set to blow your mind away! Get enticed by the stories of kings and queens whilst being drawn by the aromatic spices that hang around in your memories for days to come.Anyone taking up a cultural tour of the Indian subcontinent, without visiting Mysore the trip grossly incomplete.

Mysore Palace – gate to the royal abode of kings and queens of yore

Arguably the most visited South Indian heritage spot, the Mysore palace offers a lot, lot more than just another cultural experience. You are drawn into a world like no other- you seem to relive the days where this palace was once fully functional. The core structural effort that has been put in gives an in-depth insight into the skills of our ancestor artisans; it is almost impossible to find such fine buildings anywhere else. When you are finally able to tear your eyes away from the structural beauty and the fine details that makes the palace so perfect, you notice that the designs aren’t centred around a specific cultural style. This palace brings together the best of Rajput, Muslim and Hindu styles amongst a few others, making for a paradise for those trying to understand Indian culture. Walking around each room, you crave to experience the luxury that every corner speaks of for yourself.

Mysore Palace illuminated – a treat for the eyes

Home of the famous and mouth watering masala dosa, Mysore bonda and some fresh South Indian filter coffee, you are going to immerse your taste buds in a divine haven of flavours and delights that awaken the foodie in you.

Hampi- find yourself in the lost city!

Of temples, hills and travelling back in time, Hampi offers you all this and more – it is not easy to access but it is so worth the visit! This ancient village that sings along with the rhymes of the enchanting Tungabhadra waters is set to remain a beautiful heritage site and is a cornucopia of historical buildings and tales embedded into the very nature of the society – a cultural explorers’ dream come true. If history is to be believed, Hampi once stood its ground as one of the largest cities in the ancient world. Head out here if you are ready to actually explore and not for a sit back and relax experience, because the structures in Hampi are all about the stories they hold alongside the visual cues they preserve to back these tales. The ruins and boulders make for an unblemished travel experience full of adventure and marvel for the excited traveller seeking to gain knowledge and memories for a lifetime.

Tungabhadra river – calm and serene

Any tour of Hampi is not complete without a visit to the glorious Lotus Mahal. It is within the zenana enclosure, a segregated area that was used by the royal women of Vijayanagara dynasty. Lit up in evenings, it offers fantastic vistas to visitors and has become one of the most photographed venues in Hampi.

Bengaluru where things happen!

That’s right – what mention of Karnataka is complete without the rightfully named Garden City of India? Bengaluru not only boasts a very happening lifestyle and culture which it carries out with elegant taste but also of its highly comfortable weather and beautiful parks located in almost every street that you visit. From the best shopping experience in all of South India to amazing social gatherings, you will definitely consider moving into this city after just one visit.

The very happening night life and club life in Bengaluru make it an extremely popular tourist spot for vacation goers looking to unwind and explore the classy retreats offered to the urban population, sometimes at totally reasonable prices! The ambience of these clubs and the rhythms set will have you swaying on the dance floors, drinks in hand and no worries in your mind. More importantly, new regulations make these clubs highly safe for women who can totally relax.

Bengaluru malls – a shopper’s delight

Mood shopping is an experience everyone has indulged in at one point or another. Bengaluru totally brings out all kinds of shoppers hidden inside the one person that is you. Feeling fancy? The Brigade street is lined with international brands right from Prada, Calvin Klein to Zara, sometimes offering sales as well – yes, here you might even find Jimmy Choos on discounts if you are lucky. Ran out of all your spending limits in Brigade the evening before? No problem. The Commercial Street allows you to buy to your heart’s content as everything here is low priced. To add to the experience, dwell into bargaining and watch the magic of low prices take place right before your eyes. From jewellery to clothes to amazing street food, your shopping experience is going to be fulfilling.

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  1. Karnataka is one state which has a lot to offer. Beaches, lost kingdoms, temples and trekking destinations, not to forget the food and wine the pub capital has to offer. Looking forward to reading more about Badami, Belur, Halebidu, Sravanabelegola, Murudeshwar and Gokarna!


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