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Congratulations on deciding to tie the knot! If you are wondering what could possibly top the occasion and possibly make it even more magical, there’s just one answer- destination weddings. If you are wondering what the hype of such celebrations is associated with, say it aloud with me ‘carpe diem!’ and that’s just about it. Your big fat wedding is indeed a once-in-a-lifetime experience and why not go literally all the way, in this case to India to make your day as special as you could possibly hope for? Here are our top picks for some scenic marvels doubling as the best spots for destination weddings in India!

Go Goa!

Because you simply deserve to nurse a cocktail against a beautiful and sunny beach backdrop while you finalise the seating arrangements and have your nail painted. Not to mention that beautiful wedding album against the crimson sunset- beach weddings are to die for! The best part about this is the ability to fuse something entirely unique – be the Ariel and wed your prince! The delicious sea food and the party environment in Goa are just added bonuses. Book fast while you’re at it- you’ll experience your own bride wars given just how appealing a destination this is.

The Scenic Shimla

There is something just so wonderful about the mountains – the tranquility, the aesthetic rebounds and not to mention the backdrop of the Himalayan mountain ranges – all set to provide you with a fairy tale experience that you didn’t even know that you wanted. There is snow all around, there are apple trees and there are some amazing resorts. It takes you through time and freezes it, immortalising your wedding experience. You probably will be packing the family away and looking for refunds on your previously-booked honeymoon!

Udaipurwhere romance meets luxury

Well if you are planning a high-budget wedding, you couldn’t get anything better than a marvellous wedding experience in the city of lakes. It will blow your mind- go royal! Be the princess or prince that you are and experience what it is like to fall in love with your own wedding. Udaipur is an ancient city loaded with authentic charm that’s so hard to look past – it is silk and gold and castles and more, so much more!

Andaman & Nicobar Islands

So, you have considered the beach wedding and are now left wondering whether the sky is the only limit- why not push it further and get the enhanced water experience by heading out to the tropical paradise that is the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. The pleasant weather with the soothing winds and just the right amount of heat renders this place ideal. There are coconut trees all around – imagine all the voyager themes you can inculcate as you switch to the ultimate island princess mode on your special day.

Rishikesh – for your holy matrimony

Who says a popular pilgrimage spot cannot double as a dream destination for a spectacular wedding? How better to seal your union than by the beautiful Ganga riverside in the presence of everything so pure and holy that leaves you feeling blessed and fulfilled. A perfect start for a long life together ahead – one that will definitely impress the crowd and leave you feeling really good about the whole deal. Besides, the picturesque value of a riverside wedding cannot be overlooked when you are considering a destination wedding.

Agra – let love witness love

The city of romance is also home to one of the seven wonders of the world that symbolises everything that true love stood for, the Taj Mahal. Well, this one pretty much speaks for itself now doesn’t it, we bet it’s got you day dreaming about holding hands as the sun sets on one of the most beautiful buildings in the whole country. Agra has gained popularity over the years for being the go to place for royal destination weddings.

So, what are you waiting for? India BECKONS you to call your wedding planner and get them to reserve your venue in one of these beautiful destinations that dreams are made of.

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