Kharchi festival: a week-long regal celebration in Tripura

Chaturdash Devta Mandir or the Fourteen Gods Temple built in honor of the 14 deities

Tripura’s population contributes significantly to India’s ethnic values, as people of different ethnicity reside here. The tribal people’s rituals are also significant aspects of the cultural life of Tripura, with each tribe having its own festivals, mythology, poetry, and dance. Two of the most important festivals of Tripura are the Kharchi Festival and the Garia Festival.

When is the Kharchi festival celebrated?
Kharchi Puja is primarily celebrated in the Agartala city of Tripura, usually in the month of July or August. This year, the festivity was to start from 28th June. However, due to the current situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, the festival would see muted celebrations.

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