Mohenjo-daro: the hidden mysteries of the lost city

    The remains of the Harappan civilization

    Mohenjo-daro is an archaeological site, which is to date the largest settlement of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization. It was built around 2500 BCE, in Sindh province of Pakistan. The city of Mohenjo-daro was discovered in 1921 and, since then, archaeologists have buried themselves in the study of the relics found there to know more about this place.

    Mohenjo-daro was originally a part of the Indus Valley Civilization or the Harappan Civilization. History is filled with strange and fascinating stories of ghost towns and cities, where the cities became abandoned for reasons no one knows. Let us go through some facts which makes Mohenjo-daro the oldest abandoned city known to historians, or the mysterious lost city:

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