India’s hidden gems: take an ‘abroad vacation’ closer home

Alappuzha backwaters - better known as the Venice of the east

International tourism is a dream for many of us. To be able to witness the breathtaking beauty of iconic spots all around the world would be a privilege, no less. However, in this chase of catching a flight beyond international waters, we tend to forget to look deeper at our own homeland. India is one of the biggest countries and is home to many different environments and ecological systems. This vast variety provides for a peek into every kind of dream destination you’d ever want! Here’s a list of some of the spots within our country so you don’t have to travel far beyond:

Chitrakoot Waterfall in Chhatisgarh – the Niagara of the east

1. Chitrakoot Falls, Chhattisgarh/Niagara Falls, Ontario: The iconic falls in Canada are gorgeous to visit; however, if you had the chance to visit a similar spot much closer, wouldn’t you take that up? The wonderful Chitrakote Falls in Chhattisgarh provides for the same experience, maybe even better!

Siju Cave Meghalaya

2. Siju Caves, Meghalaya/Ha Long Bay, Vietnam: The exact replica of the Vietnamese caves can be found in the eastern end of India. Flawless in nature and one of the most mesmerizing glimpses you’d catch of a cave such as this one.

Khajjiar in Himachal – also known as Mini Switzerland

3. Khajjiar, Himachal Pradesh/Switzerland: Often referred to as ‘Mini Switzerland’ of India, Khajjiar offers the greenery in a much louder and serene sense than Switzerland does. With a touch of home and snow-clad mountains surrounding you to take you in, nothing beats a well-spent vacation in the North of India than this!

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