Now, travel the responsible way

Travel light, travel far

Being a responsible tourist can be a great opportunity to keep our environment clean and  safe, considering that climate change is affecting everything around us.

French novelist Gustave Flaubert has rightly stated – Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.

You realise that you are a drop in the ocean called Earth. But we have managed to adapt it as per our need. The result is environment and climate issues. And the matter cannot be taken lightly.

Most love to travel but travelling can add to environmental and climate degradation. Yet, it is quite easy to satisfy your wanderlust responsibly. Here is how you can become a sustainable tourist.

Check local sights and sounds

When we plan to travel, travelling local surroundings is just not considered. If you open your mind and see the sights and sounds of your city, it might help reduce carbon footprints. You are educated about your surroundings and it’s cheaper. Also, small groups always score more on eco-friendliness as you leave lesser carbon footprint. Choose local walking tours that are fun, unique and eco-friendly.

Picking eco-friendly travel items 

Consumerism can be a great help to the environment cause. Pick up varied eco-friendly merchandise to minimise carbon footprints. Avoid using bottled water. Instead pick up a good travel bottle which the hotel can fill up. Also get your travel coffee mug for your daily tea or coffee fix while travelling.

Light packing

You must know that the heavier the plane, the maximum is its carbon emissions. So while flying to your destination, pack wisely and lightly. Your bag should contain only what is needed.

Choose the travel mode wisely

Yes, travelling has become easy with flights. But holidays are meant to be reaching at your own time. There is no rush. So choose travel by bus or train or cars if possible. In fact, many places globally offer great travel options within budget. Find the one that fits your pocket, adds some fun element and is best for the environment too. In terms of flying, non-stop flights are much better. Maximum fuel gets spent in take-offs and landings. Non-stop flights lower carbon emissions.

Sustainable staying options

Even hotels these days have gone the sustainable way. Travellers can choose some such hotels. A little search online can do the trick. There are also local accommodations easily available like home stays and so on. This will help local economy plus the environment.

Reduce using hotel items 

While staying in the hotel, use less of the hotel items or use them wisely. Instead of using clean towels daily, use one for few days. But hang it to dry, as it denotes you want to use it. Hotel laundry must be avoided as far as possible as hotels wash every item separately. This means wastage of water and so on. Turn the electricity off when not using. Always choose showers over baths as the use of water is less. Any half used bathing items (shampoo, soap and so on) will be discarded. Remember that while using.

Hiking or camping

Hiking or camping is a great way to be with nature and also help in conservation. Stick to used hiking pathways or camping sites. You can carry a small bag to fill all the waste. This waste can later be thrown in proper disposal place.

Green shopping tips

At any tourist place, buying local items will be a reminder of your vacation and will also help local artisans. You can try finding items made in a sustainable manner.






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