Poetry, Alibaug, and adventure

Seashells on an Alibaug beach BECKON the poet in me

Alibaug (Arunima Takiar, 2019)

Cracked seashells,
your pointed edges
lucidly reveal
intact sand grains
wrapping fervently
around your body parts,
twisted in
unfamiliar time zones
from a past
of splinters
that defied
trodden by
unknowing feet
on happy sojourns,
not lost,
in shining  specks
of beach shimmer
that defy

When yours truly wanted to escape for the weekend and was looking for inspiration to write a poem, a quick check online threw up plenty of options, one of them being the enchanting cousin of Mumbai called Alibaug. Enchanting because of its waterfronts mirroring pristine crystal-clear waters, the mesmerizing walks on beaches so deserted they seem private, and a quiet hamlet of holiday homes that BECKON weekend travellers to explore the quirks of life in an unusual way.

Varsoli beach – raw nature at its best
The beautiful Alibaug beach
A walk on the beach sets one in the mood for poetry
Alibaug beach – far far from the maddening crowd

It is a mecca for sea-lovers, that quaint community that loves the seaside – from adventure water sports to long walks to camping on beaches – a community that can never get enough of it and is always eager to go back for more. Alibaug is also a haven for city-weary travellers looking for a true taste of rustic living. It is quiet and secluded, away from the monotony of car and truck horns and other city distractions.

Taking a stroll at Kihim beach at Alibaug
Capturing the beautiful sunset at Kihim beach, Alibaug
Just as the tide turns
Gravel tells another story – history of many ages captured in stones, gravel and grains

I had the privilege of staying at one of the country-resorts in Alibaug for a weekend recently, a much-needed trip that gave relaxation a whole new meaning. U Tropicana – a resort tucked away in the quiet environs of the district – makes for a great weekend getaway. Its lavish suites and villas offer families a taste of comfort and luxury, away from the humdrum of city life.

The resort has a lot of recreation activities for families like swimming, billiards, carrom, cycling etc., which is also a good exercise for the body and mind. They also have a lavish buffet breakfast, offering Indian, continental, cakes, live counter making dosas, juices, cereal, and so on.

Enjoying the sunshine and the tan at Varsoli beach, Alibaug
Watching the sea from a slightly upturned angle, it sways just as much!
The beauty of green palms, bordering the hemline of Varsoli beach
The sun at an angle, stubbornly peeping through the tall trees
Strolling on the Varsoli beach
More of Varsoli – truly a beach you cannot get enough of

Alibaug has untouched beaches (or at least they feel so because of an extremely high level of cleanliness and hygiene) and I visited three of those, doing a quick round-up, as travellers do on short journeys. I am just as much a sea-lover as I am a mountain-lover. I enjoy the sea-side as I do trekking in the mountains, although a mountain trip needs more preparation than a sea-side jaunt.

A view from the balcony of the suite at U Tropicana, a resort at Alibaug
Very comfortable rooms at the resort in Alibaug, U Tropicana
Beautiful views from the suites at the resort I stayed at
View of the pool from the restaurant serving a lovely buffet breakfast
A wonderful spread of buffet breakfast with a live counter for South Indian dosas, eggs to order, and so on

Alibaug is a gem of a place, so close to Mumbai, and literally an escape, far, far from the maddening crowd – must check it out at the first chance you get!

Image courtesy: Mrs Arunima Takiar 


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