Lady luck strikes again!

Mayhem again! This time at Ferozshah Kotla stadium

Another IPL – and Mumbai Indians’ stroke of luck is becoming staid! First, a great win against CSK, then a close call against Kings XI, and now, once again, sweeping away Delhi Capitals with ease (and luck, of course, which is becoming characteristic of its matches).

MI chose to bat and did not (in my opinion) set a very high target for a confident home team DC, and so mid-way through the match, the “roaring” Delhi tigers were sure of pulling it off. However, the second innings was a big disappointment for all DC supporters in the Feroz Shah Kotla stadium, where I was watching my first match. All the Mexican waves going around the stadium and rooting by the supporters could not get the team to perform yesterday, which kept losing wickets in quick succession.

Enjoying my IPL outings a lot

I would say it was not all that exhilarating as some of the previous matches I have been catching; in fact, it was quite a let-down for many, considering the excitement building up with two of the best teams of the season competing for the league spot and the earlier match between DC and MI in Wankhede (where DC had defeated MI on its home ground) a lot more thrilling.

However, both the teams are at the second and third spots and the anticipation is building up now, as the teams move closer to the semis and the finals with each successive match.


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