Feng Shui ideas for a better home

A black stone with the inscription Feng Shui

Let in the good vibes at your house with these basic Feng Shui ideas
Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art of arranging objects in an appropriate space, intending to achieve harmony and balance in life, and bring good luck. The idea behind Feng Shui is to unblock the way so that positive forces can flow freely. The battle whether Feng Shui is merely a superstition or is there some science behind it has not been resolved yet, but if recreating our homes provides us peace after a long tiring day, then the effort is worthwhile.

Five elements of Feng Shui
Feng Shui consists of five basic elements which are:
1. Earth: represented by rocks and ceramic
2. Fire: represented by candles and fireplace
3. Metal: represented by electronic devices and silver pictures
4. Water: represented by fountains and aquariums
5. Wood: represented by a living plant or a tree

Starting with Feng Shui
First and foremost, de-clutter your home. Minimize those objects that collect dust. Items under the furniture, overloaded bookcases, and closets, outdated or broken items, etc. block the flow of energy. Keep only those items which you need. You can donate extra or unused articles.

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