Sattvik fare at Hilton to celebrate the holy month of Shravan


It is the month of Shravan and the atmosphere is resplendent with devotees thronging temples, offering obeisance to their favourite Lord Shiva, also known to be quick to grant wishes or bholenath. Men and women offer water, milk, honey, bhasm, fruits, dhatura, flowers and garlands to the shiva lingam in temples.

Mouthwatering pakodas at the buffet included banana, aloo and capsicum bhajia with mint and coconut chutneys

Most believers and devotees in the month of Shravan abstain from consuming meats, onion, garlic and so on. The Hilton International, in solidarity with this holy (paavan) Hindu festival of Sharavan, have added a sattvik cuisine to their dinner buffet. The Sattvik Food Festival at the Hilton at the Mumbai airport is on from the 3rd to the 17th, offering sattvik food, in conjunction with food consultant Gita Hari.

Puliyodharai – a favourite south Indian recipe
Quite a ‘plate’ful! Delicious south Indian cuisine at the Saatvik section of the buffet at Hilton until the 17th.

I was delighted to be invited to the festival’s opening night when I could savour some delicious south Indian recipes curated by Gita herself and prepared by the finest chefs of Hilton. My favourite in the buffet was undoubtedly the payasam (which I have often had at my family’s festivals of Ganpati as well).

A very refreshing ginger drink called panagam
Invited by the curator of the festival, the food consultant Gita Hari

The table at the sattvik section of the buffet was laid out with sambar, lemon rasam, papaya and yam chutneys, avial (mixed veg in coconut base) pooris and papad, a welcome drink made of ginger (panagam), puliyodharai, banana chips of two types, a typical south-styled potato curry in coconut base (which is a family recipe as it was handed down to Gita by her mother-in-law and, hence, aptly named “amma’s potato curry”) and some pakodas (bananas, potatoes and capsicum) to start the sattvic journey with.

The pooris and papadams formed a part of the saatvik cuisine
How can be a south Indian cuisine ever be complete without the customary banana chips?

The sattvik food being prepared by the chefs at Hilton is very homely (comfort food), keeping in mind the traditions of the month of Shravan.

The sambar and lemon rasam to go with the puliyodarai

For those celebrating must try out the buffet at the Hilton International airport until the 17th of August.

The delicious payasam to end a very delectable dining experience


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