Be aware, take precautions


Beat the Corona fear by taking precautions

In the last few weeks, the world has become a very different place owing to COVID-19. There is a constant consuming concern of keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe. On the other hand, there is confinement under much required lockdown that may go on for longer to ensure continued safety. It is natural to feel confused and even scared of these uncertain and challenging times.

What makes the situation further challenging is that the entire world seems to have come to a halt and every aspect of our lifestyle has changed owing to the pandemic. It is natural to feel even more distressed in trying to manage the changes in the world and in our lives while trying to keep up with all the information coming our way through various channels of media. In all of this whirlwind, we need to keep our attention firmly on the lifelines – awareness and prevention.

It is awareness of the information coming from credible sources that will give us the right amount of information which in turn helps us build the right understanding of the situation. Cutting edge news agencies and Harvard Medical School recommend that following credible and first hand sources of information such as the World Health Organisation and the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention is an important way of keeping anxiety about the disease at bay. In India, The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the National Disaster Management Authority  – both departments of the Government of India – are providing us with up to date and verified information.

Importance of preventive measures

The importance of preventive measures cannot be emphasized enough. The best part about prevention is that it is in our hands. We can control our preventive practices and ensure not just our own safety but also that of those around us. While some precautionary measures are more widely known and followed, some tend to be overlooked. Besides washing our hands regularly, cleaning the surfaces, practicing social distancing and so on, it is also very important that we continue to take care of our health. It is pertinent that we continue to engage in physical activity and home workouts, eat healthy food and regular times and rest well in order to maintain our general level of health and keep our immunity strong as well.

Along with encouraging people to follow preventive measures and stay safe, a number of artists, social media influences and organisations are also finding creative ways of helping people stay positive. There are a number of initiatives being taken on social media that will help keep up the cheer and maintain a sense of camaraderie and community even though we can’t physically meet the world around us like we used to.

With some awareness, prevention and cheer, we can stay above the fear and away from the virus. Here’s wishing for the world’s good health!


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