OneLife introduces a new organic cold-pressed coconut oil


Travelling can affect your skin adversely, especially while sight-seeing during the day time. To curb this, OneLife has recently launched a Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil to take care of your supple skin. This will serve as a useful moisturizer. It lets your skin feel rejuvenated and, at the same time, can be used as an edible ingredient, as it is packed with healthy fats that are good for your heart; organic coconut oil is a great addition to your daily diet.

A useful tip is that to enjoy the goodness, add one teaspoon oil to your salads and raw recipes. It is reasonably priced at Rs 375 for 250 ML. With almost four decades of experience in health, wellness, and nutrition, OneLife was founded with a vision to enhance everyday life of people in today’s busy lifestyles and schedules. The company believes that since we have one life, we have to live it right.

With everyday routine, stress, lifestyle and eating habits, many of our nutritional needs are unmet or deficient. OneLife supplements cater to your daily requirements for vitamins and nutrients; they are also meant for all your other requirements, be it bone health, or beautiful hair and nails, daily energy or overall strength and wellness. OneLife products with the authentic experience and knowledge of nutritionists and food engineers coupled with the ancient knowledge of local doctors and farmers bring to you a variety of natural foods, supplements, and herbal infusions to mitigate health-related problems and enhance the quality of life.


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