The hustle-bustle of Mumbai local

The intricate ceiling of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus

I love the hustle-bustle and energy of a railway platform – passengers alighting and boarding, the nudge, the jostle and the push. Every railway platform has its own unique charm and character.

Rustic Mumbai local at the late hours of the night
The imposing Arc of the Bandra Railway station
A railway yard with old coaches showcasing an era gone by
Innocent eyes – faces at the platform

As a resident of Mumbai, I have traveled between stations aplenty and eavesdropped on several conversations (not out of choice). You see, it’s just that, during rush hour, people are packed like sardines. But then there are those moments when I have been lucky enough to have the coach all to myself! Yes, that is possible too.

The platform of the Churchgate station showcasing the simple yet useful ceiling
A lifeline for Mumbai, a place where people eat, pray, and sleep
Intense train conversations
A person rushing in to catch a seat as the train halts at a platform

As someone who loves photographing buildings, I never pass up a chance of capturing the grand architecture and unique character of many railway stations using my phone camera, both in India and abroad. The pictures I have attached give a broad sense of the architecture at some prominent stations and the mood.

This is a photo blog by Karl Kolah, an investor relations manager based in Mumbai and a passionate phone photographer. Even with the daily monotony, the phone lets him capture the moment without going out specifically to shoot. Taking pictures on the go and enthusiastically sharing them on his Instagram feed and continuously improvising from the feedback has made him a self-taught photographer. He likes to capture architecture, landscapes, and open spaces, whether it is one on his way to work or his travel journeys across the globe. Click here to follow him on Instagram.


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