The Vrindavan chandan yatra on Akshay Tritya – a photo blog

The Radha Damodar temple at Vrindavan

The Vrindavan chandan yatra is a famous way of celebrating the Akshay Tritya there. The place flocks with devotees on this day as they come from all over to witness the fanfare and celebrations. All the deities in all the temple on this day are anointed with chandan, which is then given as prasad to devotees attending.

It is the only day when the charan vigraha at the Bankey Bihari temple is opened for darshan. Last year, I was at Vrindavan for the chandan yatra on Akshay Tritya and had the honour of capturing some amazing pictures and moments.

This is one of the most beautiful festivals of Vrindavan – not only are all the deities anointed from head to foot in chandan or sandalwood paste, but the temples are more decorously dressed up with flowers.

Image courtesy: Arunima


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