Unveiling Uttarakhand


Transcending all standards of beauty that even nature provides, this spiritual haven is set against the jaw dropping view of the Himalayas. Whether you seek adventure, or you simply want to unwind and get away from the city noise, your trip to Uttarakhand is guaranteed to leave you feeling fulfilled. Reconnect with that part of you that craves simplistic beauty, inner peace and to be one with nature by exploring the wonders of this laidback state.

The marvel that is Mussoorie

Located at a distance of about 40 kilometres from the capital city of Dehradun, the Queen of Hills sings a song of beauty and marvel that touches your soul. What do you seek from your vacation? A getaway from your busy life? The perfect honeymoon? A tranquil and wholesome travel experience? Whatever it is that you seek, Mussoorie offers it to you in plenty. With beautiful resorts, laidback & wonderful people and cosy little eateries, you are going to be left wondering whether you really have to go back. Click a family portrait by the Kempty falls before paying a visit to the Forest Research Institute- why simply connect with nature when you can understand it?

With momos, delicious masala chai and hot corns on the cob to keep you warm, you are in for an experience of a lifetime. The monasteries are very welcoming of tourists seeking peace and culture. Make the most of Mussoorie by visiting the cosy little honey cafés – you are going to be left dreaming of the delights for a long time after.

The Jim Corbett National Park

Mere words are not enough to describe the experience of spending a day surfing through one of the most beautiful natural reserves in the country. Get on a safari jeep and be ready to be taken away into a world that is going to leave you spellbound and mesmerised like never before and, quite frankly, never again. Home to hundreds of species of native birds, plenty of flora and other fauna, the national park is most well known to be the sanctuary for the highly-endangered Bengal Tiger steadily nearing extinction. Throughout the year, local safaris deep into the jungle are conducted in a manner that does not disturb the animals in any way as they go about their daily lives. Get out your cameras and switch off the flash – you are not going to want to edit these pictures. Imagine a scene so quiet except for the chirping of the birds, you’re surrounded by greenery interrupted only by a small stream of water flowing through it – that’s Corbett for you.

Nainital – of wisdom and waters

A view of the Himalayas so exquisite, you simply cannot take your eyes off it. Arguably one of the best offered by the entire Uttarakhand, this view will take your breath away. And when you do look away, treat your eyes to the splendid Naini Lake. Cruise the lakes in comfortable and cosy little boats knowing that all your worries are miles away and cannot reach you here.

Let’s get holy – Haridwar and Rishikesh

Take a break from the real world and enter a spiritual one for just a little bit of time and see what it feels like to have something so calm and soothing imposed upon you. Wash away your impurities in the Ganga and do stay for the evening aarti to the rivers- a beautiful amalgam of divinity and pure devotion that you’ll find yourself carrying around as a virtual talisman later on. Whilst Rishikesh is just as calming, it offers a bit more than just a holy experience – you’ll find yourself overdosing on the sudden adrenaline surge that you experience with the amazing water sports and adventures the town is super famous for.

Almora and Chakrata- taking you back in time

Have you ever wondered what it would be like for once to be a part of those fairy tale lands tucked away among mountains, pristinely protected away from the outside world? Almora is your perfect haven if you are looking for a getaway in a place that truly helps you keep your watch away – time moves slowly enough here. For couples seeking a romantic getaway or for those needing some peace and quiet after months of toil – treat yourself to Almora. The people, the views and the food – everything enhances your stay, making it harder for you to pack on your leaving day.

Chakrata is similar to Almora for the most parts but with the added benefit of being the home to the country’s largest waterfalls – The Tiger Falls. You’ll find yourself settling down here in your later years once you’ve visited – because this beautiful little village with its dainty little houses and the most relaxed people you will ever come across is just that impactful.

Photo courtesy: Pixabay


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