Chai blends by Chef Vicky Ratnani

The signature tea collection by Chef Vicky Ratnani - especially launched for the monsoons

Chai aur baarish are soulmates” – thus goes the tagline for the new launch of the signature tea set by Kettlery and Vicky Ratnani. What better season to launch it than the monsoon? And what better season to try their new teas than now – to perch on the window or in the balcony, staring at drops of water falling off the rain-drenched leaves, sipping the most gobsmacking version of black teas, green teas and tisanes from the new range offered from the Kettlery?

Monsoon brings out the poets in people and turns the most stringent of tea abstainers into tea drinkers, casting its spell on your taste buds. Tea cakes, khari, and pakodas become natural accompaniments of tea in this season.

Bombay Chai, Hari Chai, Ayurvedic Chai and Rooibos Chai

Kettlery’s signature collection comprises a premium range of hand-picked loose-leaf teas infused with Chef’s favourites. The teas in this new box are – Bombay Chai, Hari Chai, Ayurvedic Chai and Rooibos Chai. Being a chef’s special box, the collection, which is called the Spice of Life, has the finest use of spices and infusions sourced from across the country.

Bombay Chai has been inspired by our very own Indian version of masala chai found at the local chai vendors donning every nook and cranny of every street of India. The black bold Assam tea is blended with classic chai spices to make this delicious concoction called Bombay Chai. This is Chef Vicky Ratnani’s collection of his favourite teas – the Ayurvedic Chai is caffeine-free while the low-caffeine green tea and the naturally sweet Rooibos chai are an absolute must-try.

Monsoons also bring back a faded nostalgia and this box of enticing teas promises to make you feel nostalgic and bring back the spice in your life. Try it!


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