Ramlila: fostering community spirit

Ramlila - an enactment of scenes from the Ramayana culminating into the festival of Dussehra - the victory of good over evil

Navratri is coming to a close and Dussehra will soon herald the end of celebrations. Through it all, Ramlila has been held, regaling audiences with enactments of the Ramayana through the epic poem, Ramacharitmanas. For those unfamiliar with this, Ramacharitmanas narrates the glory of Shri Ram and Ramlila showcases episodes of the poem.

A Ramlila actor dressed up as Hanuman, Lord Ram’s most ardent devotee

Ramlila is not just an enactment of Lord Shri Ram’s life, however; it’s an opportunity for communities to come together, bond and help the actors prepare for the performances. If you’re in Delhi, you’ll get to see some of the most colorful enactments. Ramlila is held in many places but few come out on top for their size and location. The Red Fort ground is a popular spot and even attracts celebrities. Ramlila Maidan is another as it’s traditionally used to host Ramlila. It’s also been the venue for important events, including protests and hunger strikes.

The festival of Navratri culminating with Dussehra – when Ravan’s effigies are burnt as a symbol of the victory of good over evil

This year, Ramlila ends on 19th October with Dussehra where effigies of Shri Ram’s antagonist, Ravana, will be burnt to symbolize the victory of good over evil. There’s a whole network of people involved in helping it come to pass. From craftsman to tailors to makeup artists and, of course, actors, Ramlila is more than an event; it also provides opportunities for employment and highlights the teamwork that goes into making it a huge success year after year.

Image courtesy: Depositphotos


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