Exploring the vivacious and friendly Dublin

Dublin Castle - a magnificent feat of architecture

Vacations and long weekends give us an opportunity to explore locations that we normally would not have time for on a regular weekend or for a quick night out with friends. They also give us the chance to explore attractions and landmarks that not only provide amazing photo ops but give us a history lesson.

If you are a resident of Ireland or from another spot in the world and plan to take a trip to Europe sometime soon, your best bet for a fun time off is a vacation in Dublin. You will not be short on attractions to visit and learn a bit about the city’s background. Here are places you will need to check out while in Dublin.

The beautiful glass work at St Patrick’s Cathedral presents significant events in the city’s history

St. Patrick’s Cathedral
Very few structures serve for beautiful photos to show off to family and friends back home as well as churches, especially those in Europe. St. Patrick’s Cathedral is a prime example, serving as the National Cathedral of the Church of Ireland and the largest in Dublin. Visitors are greeted with beautiful glass artwork that, combined with the architecture, displays significant events in the city’s history. Make sure to visit on a sunny day to get the best photographs.

Dublin Castle
If you are looking for a place to visit that takes you back in time, then Dublin Castle is the way to go. The architecture of the castle presents a variety of locations to walk through and is not too high to make a walk up to the top spots exhausting. The walls are filled with artefacts and structures that help tourists learn about the most important things that have happened in Dublin over the past 800 years.

Trinity College – not just a destination for students but a treat for tourists as well

Trinity College
Local students looking at potential universities to attend, as well as students studying abroad who want to understand the learning experience of Ireland, should put visiting Trinity College on their to-do list. The campus is wonderful and provides sections that allow people to learn in a variety of fields. Checking out the Trinity College Library is a must, especially if you want to stand in the kind of book-filled library that you see in the movies.

EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum
Learning about the struggles that people went through in the past can be a great educational experience, especially when it comes to figuring out how to handle similar issues in the present day. That is where EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum comes in, as it shows what people in Ireland had to go through and how they emigrated to other countries in search of better lives. Monuments, artefacts and videos allow that lesson to be entertaining and informative.

The Ha’penny Bridge makes for a great picture postcard to send back home

Ha’penny Bridge
Walking across popular bridges in major cities can provide a chance for cardio and taking great photos of the area, but some are big enough to take up a couple of hours of your visit. That is not the case with the Ha’penny Bridge, the first pedestrian bridge to be created over the River Liffey. Built in 1816, this bridge is made of iron in order to last this long and makes for a great postcard to send to people at home.

Phoenix Park and Dublin Zoo – a fun-filled excursion for tourists

Phoenix Park and Dublin Zoo
Most cities do not provide the opportunity to get fresh air found in more green areas, but that is not a problem with Dublin, thanks to Phoenix Park. Visitors get to take part in a variety of recreational activities, including cricket, polo and hurling in case running or walking gets a little boring. Dublin Zoo is full of wildlife from around the world to see and take photos of, making it a tourist spot perfect for both friends and families.

The Spire of Dublin – the city’s tallest attraction

The Spire of Dublin
The attractions that will get your attention in a city you are visiting for the first time will most likely be the tallest ones. For Dublin, that’s the Spire, which stands 120 meters high at the centre of O’Connell street. This stainless steel, pin-shaped monument is able to provide a beautiful site at any time of the day. The sun is able to light up the Spire when it rises and sets, and the monument serves as a beacon for the city at night.

The Christ Church Cathedral offering great views both inside and outside

Christ Church Cathedral
If you are a big fan of touring through cathedrals on your time off and want to explore more than one, then you will be in luck with the Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin. Serving as the United Dioceses of Dublin and Glendalough, this spot is able to provide just as much beautiful scenery inside and outside as the St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The cathedral also provides a medieval crypt and pilgrimage site for historical education, and its choir always puts on a great performance.

The glasshouses at the National Botanic Gardens in Dublin

National Botanic Gardens
Nature is able to add just as much scenery to your photo collection as the structures of major cities, and you won’t have to travel outside of Dublin to find that type of environment thanks to the National Botanic Gardens. The gardens are full of plants and flowers that come in a variety of colours and formations. The glass houses that contain the gardens look like a castle, adding extra imagery to the scene.

Experience Gaelic Games
Sports are among the fun ways for people to experience different cultures, and Gaelic football takes the cake in Ireland by combining rugby, soccer, and basketball. If you want to learn how this game is played, then participate in some recreational lessons at Experience Gaelic Games. You can learn from some experienced players so that you can then teach your friends back home when you are looking for something new to do for fun.

Putting these places on your to-do list will ensure you have an amazing time in Dublin.

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